It has came to my attention after buying the great Remco's (AKA Ultranalog at DIYaudio) Philips service manual CD that some of them are incomplete. You can take a look at Remco Stoutjesdijk's site and find out what I'm talking about.

After pointing this to Remco and finding out that he wouldn't solve my problem ("I never mentioned they were complete" in his own words...), and since I didn't want to abuse Remco's benevolent and patient nature, decided to deal with this issue in a different way...

So, since I have a CD full of service manuals that Remco can't ascertain that are or not complete, I ask whoever wants to help me doing this to take a look at any service manual (SM) that they know and say if they are indeed complete or not.

If someone finds an incomplete SM and has access to an original or a PDF that is complete, then it would be nice to update the incomplete one.

How does it work?

Due to webhost limitations I'm sending the requested SM by mail, this way  I can maintain all the SM in the list available and not having to be conserned about traffic and size limitations.
Just click on the SM you need and dont change the Subject or the Body of the mail and send it. If you need to discuss any other issue please do it in a seperate e-mail.
And without further delay, here you have the service manuals, and please e-mail me if you find an incomplete SM in the list.

NOTE: We should always try to learn with our mistakes, and even
              better to learn with the mistakes of others... This was my
              first time buying SM and I now found out that even if
              someone is not lying to you, that does not mean they are
              telling you all the truth you should know. I hope you can
              learn with my mistake and don't do it yourself.
$0.02 for each search!

   ak691.pdf           2361 KB        COMPLETE?
   ak691_2.pdf          802 KB        COMPLETE?
   az6801.pdf           837 KB        COMPLETE?
   az6804.pdf          1863 KB        COMPLETE?
   az6897.pdf          2123 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd10.pdf            3234 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd100.pdf           2231 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd100_updates.pdf  11686 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd101.pdf           4053 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd104.pdf           3586 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd110.pdf           2182 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd110_2.pdf         2056 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd110_3.pdf          528 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd15.pdf            1535 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd150.pdf           1096 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd160.pdf           1479 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd200_1.pdf         3445 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd200_2.pdf         4393 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd202.pdf           3375 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd204.pdf           2557 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd207.pdf             75 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd210.pdf            829 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd230.pdf           3256 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd250.pdf           2676 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd300.pdf           5165 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd303.pdf           3291 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd304.pdf           4489 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd350.pdf           3601 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd351.pdf           2853 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd360.pdf             66 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd450.pdf           2616 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd471.pdf           4346 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd472.pdf           4086 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd473.pdf           3387 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd480.pdf           2831 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd480_2.pdf         4260 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd500.pdf           2255 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd582.pdf           2846 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd600.pdf           4456 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd604.pdf           2856 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd605.pdf           2795 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd624.pdf           2825 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd630.pdf           3414 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd640.pdf           2581 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd650.pdf            667 KB        INCOMPLETE
   cd660.pdf           2937 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd660_2.pdf          192 KB        COMPLETE?
   CD723.pdf           8091 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd753.pdf            195 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd771.pdf           2284 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd782.pdf           2269 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd840.pdf           2601 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd850.pdf           2907 KB        COMPLETE?
   CD850MkII.pdf       3909 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd880.pdf           7229 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd1371.pdf          1858 KB        COMPLETE?
   cdc486.pdf          2983 KB        COMPLETE?
   cdc550.pdf          1734 KB        COMPLETE?
   cdc875.pdf          3460 KB        COMPLETE?
   cdd882.pdf          6656 KB        COMPLETE?
   cdm0.pdf            2689 KB        COMPLETE?
   cdm2_0301.pdf        212 KB        COMPLETE?
   cdm2_0407.pdf        302 KB        COMPLETE?
   cdm2_0414.pdf        301 KB        COMPLETE?
   cdm2_0500.pdf        600 KB        COMPLETE?
   cdm3.pdf             476 KB        INCOMPLETE
   cdv495.pdf          8389 KB        COMPLETE?
   cdv495_2.pdf        3236 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd_module.pdf       4324 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd_module_2.pdf      573 KB        COMPLETE?
   cd_module_top.pdf   1918 KB        COMPLETE?
   d6800.pdf            884 KB        COMPLETE?
   d8958.pdf            511 KB        COMPLETE?
   rcd1.pdf             254 KB        COMPLETE?
   rcd1j.pdf           5824 KB        COMPLETE?